Braeswood Place Mothers of Young Children

Calling all moms in the Braeswood area!  Did you know that there is a fantastic mothers’ group in your backyard?  Braeswood Place Mothers of Young Children (or BPMOYC) is an active group of 200 moms who understand the importance of community and having a great “mom network” at your disposal. 🙂

Long-time Braeswood Place resident Brenda Blackwood was kind enough to share some of the history of BPMOYC.  It began in 1995 when a mom put a note in the BPHA Sentinel asking if there were any other moms in the neighborhood who wanted to get together to let their kids play together.  In the mid 90’s, there were not many stay-at-home moms and it was a way for these moms to connect.  The first meeting had about 10 members and it grew from there.  They started with activities such as playgroups, babysitting co-op, and Bunko.

The first Halloween Parade and Party had the children parading down Turnberry Triangle (versus Karl Young Park where it’s held today).  Other events celebrated were an Easter Egg Hunt and a Summer Picnic held at a neighbor’s house with a pool.

Members were also interested in finding child-friendly places to take their children, thus evolved the “Best Of List”.  Husbands began to be included in Progressive Dinners and Wine Tasting Parties.  Brenda eats lunch with these lovely ladies once a month at the Union Kitchen!

BPMOYC has certainly evolved since the 90’s, but thankfully many things are still the same.  Membership has expanded, but the community feel is still there.  There are just as many working moms in the group as stay-at-home moms, and it is a tremendous resource for everyone.  Below is a list of all the group offers:

  • The ever-popular Big Tent Group (find a nanny, recommendation for a pediatrician, great pre-school, kid-friendly restaurant, etc.)
  • Playgroups
  • Bi-Monthly Meetings with great speakers
  • Moms Night Out social events throughout the year
  • Spring and Fall Couples Parties
  • Community Service Projects
  • Kid-friendly events such as Playdates at the Little Gym and Noah’s Ark, Halloween Party, Easter Egg Hunt, and Firehouse Visits
  • Babysitting Co-Op
  • Mommy Meals for new moms
  • “Best of List” with doctors, bakeries, handymen, landscapers, and much more!

Dues are very affordable at $30 a year and totally worth it!   To join or to ask any questions prior to joining, please send an email to Amanda Murray at Include your name, address, neighborhood, and how you heard about us. If approved, you will receive an email invitation to join our group on BigTent.

Check out link here:

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