Upgraded Streetlights – Which Neighborhoods Are Participating?

Braeswood Place residents south of the bayou are launching an Adopt-A-Streetlight campaign for upgraded streetlights that will match those north of the bayou.  With the streets getting repaved, this is a one-time opportunity to replace the existing streetlights with more appealing and safer type of lights.

Are any other neighborhoods in FSB planning on purchasing these decorative, upgraded street lights?  This may be a time we can harness the power of FSB to exchange information about different neighborhood associations’ plans.  Please comment with any information you have.

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10 Responses to Upgraded Streetlights – Which Neighborhoods Are Participating?

  1. Amanda Murray says:

    I would be really interested especially in what Knollwood Village is planning. My street is half Braeswood Place and half Knollwood Village, and it would be nice if we had a consistent look. Oddly enough, the sidewalk ends when Braeswood Place ends, right in the middle of the street! Whenever I walk around the neighborhood (which is often), I generally walk in Knollwood Village, so am very interested in their plans for streetlights and sidewalks.

    • Brenda Blackwood says:

      There is a meeting scheduled for Knollwood Village neighbors that the NSR 451 (new street reconstruction 451) affects. The meeting will be Dec. 13th at St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church. Probably at 7pm. Check the KVCC website and newsletter for more details!

  2. R. Chin says:

    Woodside just purchased the upgraded street lights; they will be installed once the COH begins its street construction in the neighborhood, which will probably be in Q1 of 2012.

  3. D Moran says:

    The north side of Woodside will have the full cutoff version of the streetlight already installed in the section south of Latma. We lobbied for them for three years, and thanks to their having become available in Fort Bend County, we were able to get them approved for the second half of our construction. These streetlights will be non-glare designs, hiding the bulb underneath the top cap of the streetlight. There will be a bright glow on the street, but no glare to the driver when looking down the street and no intrusion into bedroom windows. Hopefully, other neighborhoods will follow suit. Houston is far behind large cities in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona where full cutoff lights are now the norm.

  4. D Moran says:

    If any neighborhoods are interested in exploring the possibility of full cutoff street lighting, I have information and illustrations. Perhaps the moderator can put you in touch with me by e-mail.

    • chris hearne says:

      How much did Woodside pay to get these lights?

      • R. Chin says:

        Chris- Please email me at rhneaw@hotmail.com.

      • D Moran says:

        Hi Chris,

        While we did not need to purchase more lights, we are paying about 20% more for the full cutoff optics. We decided to do this upgrade after installing the semi-cutoff version in the south half which is a higher glare design. But a retrofit after installation is even more expensive to do, about $800 per light including parts and labor.

  5. D Moran says:

    For anyone interested, here are photos of a full cutoff installation in a brand new subdivision being built in Katy, TX of the Holophane Utility Postop. Its daytime appearance is the same as the installation in the south side of Woodside (east of Stella Link and south of Latma), but there is less glare at night. Please read the captions. The actual appearance combines the horizon view seen in the third photo with the street view seen in the fouth. It is impossible to expose for both at the same time. The fifth photo shows that even a house with no direct lighting of any kind is not completely dark due to the eye not having to adjust to direct glare from a bulb. The eye can only see a range of brightness to ten times fainter than the brightest object in the field. That is why objects in shadow in the presence of a bright bulb are completely dark. Try standing in front of a scene with a bright bulb in the foreground and darkness in the background. If you hide the bulb with your hand, you will be able to see features in the unlit areas behind it.


  6. Resident says:

    Does anyone know when the street resurfacing and streetlamp replacement project is set to begin?

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