Linkwood Park Update

The Linkwood Park Advisory Council is hard at work in our quest to make the park a desirable location for neighborhood kids, walkers, joggers, and our furry friends on leashes.  We need your help, and I am reaching out to our blog readers for assistance in the following areas:

1.  The park renovation plans would greatly benefit from the umbrella of a 501(c)3. If you have expertise in this area, and can assist us in establishing Families of South Braeswood as a 501(c)3, please contact Jenna at

2.  The Linkwood PAC has been contacted by 2 additional Boy Scout troops  for possible Eagle Scout projects.  We saw what a wonderful impact Eagle Scout Nick Bailiff made on the entrance of the park, and we welcome these projects!  We would love to hear YOUR ideas on park service projects for these teens.   In addition, if you know of anyone in need of service hours, we have a list of opportunities at Linkwood Park.  Please send ideas or information to

3.  The lack of mulch on the playground is not only dangerous, it creates a “lake” after rain, lasting for a week or more.  Please help us fix this issue that has been ignored for far too long by calling 311 and reporting the problem.

I have included more photos below from Nick Bailiff’s Eagle Scout project at the Linkwood Park Community Center entrance.  Thanks again to Nick and his friends and family for their hard work.  Stop by the park to see it in person!  

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2 Responses to Linkwood Park Update

  1. Amanda Murray says:

    Just called 311 and requested new mulch be added to Linkwood Park. They will ask you for the name of the park, zip code (77025), and address (3699 Norris Drive). Very easy to do this good deed and help our neighborhood while you’re catching up on email, surfing the web, or waiting in the school pick-up line!! 🙂

  2. jevans23 says:

    Called about the mulch too. Hope they get lots of calls!

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