BP and KV Streetlight Campaign Closes in on Goal

Perhaps you have seen the creative posters decorating Knollwood Village and Braeswood Place designed to encourage neighbors to pitch in to the streetlight upgrade campaign.  Both neighborhoods associations are working together on the campaign because many of the streets are shared.  So far BP has collected 74% of their goal, and KV has collected 82% of their goal.  Great work by Jerry McClain of BP and Scott Rose of KV, along with all of the neighbors who have volunteered and/or contributed to this effort to beautify our neighborhood and set the stage for enhanced property values.  We are already seeing a flurry of activity in the way of renovations and new builds, and with new streets, sidewalks, and upgraded streetlights we can expect to see much more!

For more information, visit the KVCC website.


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One Response to BP and KV Streetlight Campaign Closes in on Goal

  1. Scott Rose says:

    After Easter weekend, Knollwood Village is now at 92%. We need $2k this week to reach our goal!!

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