Need Another Reason to Recycle? Rewards!

If you live in South Braeswood and are recycling, why not get rewarded for it? The City of Houston has teamed with Recyclebank to weigh all the recyclable materials from individual neighborhoods and convert the recycled activity into Recyclebank Points.

When you recycle— and become a Recyclebank member — you’ll earn points for your green action.  You can earn Recyclebank Points in many ways:

  • Recycling at home
  • Referring your friends and family
  • Learning about ways to green your lifestyle
  • Entering points codes from our partners

Use your points to shop for rewards from hundreds of local and national businesses in more than 10 categories online at

The Recyclebank program is already underway, so if you’re not yet registered … what are you waiting for?  Registration is free and easy to do — either visit or call 1.888.727.2978 today to get started.  Don’t forget to follow the prompts to verify your address so you can get the points!

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