Friends of Linkwood Park Meeting Monday!

Friends of Linkwood Park Meeting THIS MONDAY, March 10 at 6:30 pm at Park Community Center

The  Friends of Linkwood Park renovation proposal has been approved by the city of Houston Parks and Recreation Department. The first phase of the project is the addition of a fenced, toddler playground. This addition will provide a safe, enclosed area for the many current and future tots in our neighborhood.  The estimated cost of the playground addition is $50,000.  Come to the meeting with your ideas and energy.  Remember, parks benefit EVERYONE!  Well maintained parks improve the attractiveness of neighborhoods to homebuyers and businesses, encourage community, and provide an active, healthy environment for residents of all ages. Contributions are tax deductible, and checks can be made payable to Houston Parks Board, reference Linkwood Park, 300 N Post Oak Ln, Houston, TX 77024.  Watch for announcements on future fun events at the park and stay informed with Families of South Braeswood, now on Facebook – Like Us!

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  1. jim silvernell says:

    How about cameras? Also with smith security. A dash cam that could be downloaded to individual homeowners associations on request. Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2014 14:45:35 +0000 To:

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