New Lacrosse Venturing Crew

In an effort to promote Lacrosse in our area and make our lacrosse players stand out, we have started the first venturing crew in the United States based onlacrosse. Venturing has traditionally been a group of boys and girls (14-21 or 13 and have passed the 8th grade) who like doing outdoor high adventure at Boy Scout camps. A crew can be started with a group of people sharing a special interest. After talking to many college recruiters, they all recommended to think outside of the box and do anything that can set you apart from the rest of the lacrosse players trying to be recruited.

The idea with this crew is to promote lacrosse and have fun watching and playing lacrosse. We can share experience with one another, do pick-up games, have game watching nights, and volunteer to help at Lacrosse events. We could also invite coaches, trainers, college players, etc. to better educate members about a variety of topics relating to lacrosse.

Venturing Crews are a part of the Boy Scouts of America. When you join you would be supported by BSA and if this does take off even get coverage in their national magazine. We are hoping that this will provide fun for members, provide leadership and service opportunities, and help our members reach their lacrossedreams. Your dream may be simply to learn more about the sport, have fun watching lacrosse, or even play for a Division I school. Our goal is to do anything possible to help reach these goals.

Where do I sign up and how much will this cost? We will have our second meeting July 10th, 7:30 PM at Bethany United Methodist Scout Hut located in the back parking lot at 3511 Linkwood Dr., Houston, TX 77025. We can set the dues once we have determined how much and where to budget our funds. It costs 2 dollars a month to register with BSA plus whatever we want to set for our crew budget. I suggest we organize this crew with dues of $12 and then maybe collect money for activities as we grow to get us started. If you are a registered member of the Boys Scouts the cost would be free. The church has agreed to sponsor us and provide us with a room to meet for free. Any adults wanting to sign up and willing to take the BSA training for a crew leader is also welcome.

Please feel free to share this email with anyone that you think might like to join the crew. I only have sons and do not have a lot of resources to reach the girls lacrosse enthusiast and players. If you want to join but cannot attend the organization meeting please call or email me and I can get you an application so you can be in the original charter group.


Sherry Dieckmann Joshua Dieckmann
Adult Crew Organizer Youth Crew Organizer

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