In the words of a student..What makes Longfellow Elementary Special

Longfellow Elementary: The Best School
By Claire A., 4th Grade Student at Longfellow Elementary and Neighborhood Resident

What makes Longfellow Elementary an Awesome School?
Students at Longfellow are leaders. I am on the Student Lighthouse Team, and our job is to strengthen our school to make it light up our neighborhood. Ever since kindergarten, my teachers showed respect to me. I am currently in 4th grade and it has been awesome. I especially love doing the Spelling Bee, Name That Book, Odyssey of the Mind, Theater, and being on the microphone as a school emcee. I learned to read music in kindergarten and have taken violin classes since second grade.

Sometimes on Mondays, the school has a Synergy Assembly. Synergy Assemblies are when the whole school gets together and gets pepped up so everyone can have an exciting day at school. The teachers work together to make learning fun, easy and understandable.

Why not choose Longfellow? At Longfellow, all kids in our school learn their multiplication, division, and addition and subtraction regrouping in 2nd grade. My favorite subject is Math. The Leader in Me, based on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, makes our school stand out among schools in America. The Seven Habits help us come together to become an excellent school and get good grades so that we can get good careers in the future.

If more kids went to Longfellow, we would get to know each other and be friends. It would make our neighborhood stand out strong and proud. If you want an awesome school for your child, join us today!

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